AIWF Texas hits Kingsville, Tx with an Impact

June 17th
AIWF Texas
Texas Impact
Knights of Columbus
Kingsville Tx

Captains Match
Rudy Russo defeated Moonshine Mantell via disqualification due to outside interference when Sons of Texas partners Andy Dalton and Killer McKenzie prevented the referee from making a 3 count with Mantells shoulders on the mat.

This led to Russos partner Danny Ramon entering the ring in his partners defense.

Coven beat Nathan Brick

JC Starr beat Brandon Riot

Andy Dalton defeated Terral Tempo after Bandana Joe was forced to pull out of this match due to a family emergency.

A great back and forth match between Tempo and Dalton. From ringside it appeared Dalton used leverage from the ropes in the referees blind side to score the pin.

Sons of Texas (Moonshine Mantell/Killer McKenzie) defeated Bro Chachos(Rudy Russo/Danny Ramon).

In a melee at the end of the match Rudy Russo inadvertently struck referee Mike Jones. After a double team, Russo and Ramon were able to score a pin fall on Mantell as 2nd referee Ryan White came in to make the count. After a short discussion wth referee Mike Jones, the decision was reversed giving Sons of Texas the win



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