AIWF Texas Returns To San Antonio October 3rd


Another big night in AIWF Texas as Terral Tempo has a return match vs Former TNA star Jesse Sorenson.

At Texas Impact September 5th Sorenson managed top get the win over Tempo under questionable circumstances. Tempo issued a challenge for a rematch and Sorenson accepted. Sorenson has been making his way back up the ladder since his near career ending injury, making appearances in Florida, Las Vegas, Texas and elsewhere  around the country. Even making a quick appearance on WWE’s NXT.

Tempo has started to create waves in Texas as he made an impact at Inspire Pro in Austin with the fans as we went toe to toe vs the veteran Scott Summers. Look for Sorenson/Tempo II to step it up a notch.


Danny Ramon returns to AIWF Texas where he will surely be tested as he goes against former WWE tag champion Brian Kendrick. Ramon has been making a name for himself as he has held NWA Cruiserweight titles, and has been looked at by upper level companies.

Kendrick, a former WWE Tag Team Champion(with Paul London), has traveled in many rings around the world starting in Texas TWA, Japans Zero One, TNA, RoH, AAA and will surely be a great measuring stick for Ramon.

rbgvsdaggarAnother match signed for October 3rd is Rudy Boy Gonzalez vs Mike Daggar.

After a ‘No Show’ by Killer Mckenzie, Mike Dagger and his brother Kevin Daggar made a challenge to Gonzalez to ‘meet him in the ring’. Daggar has been away from action for several months and is looking at making a return at Gonzalez expense

Shake n’Bake has been on a roll as of late and they will be meeting for the first time the team of Ayden Cristiano and Thunder Jet. Both have appeared on the highly touted Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling out of Houston. SnB has said ‘it doesn’t matter where they’re from, or who they are, we will beat them’. Also, look for Brysin Scott, Rey Ortiz, Ashton Jacobs makes his debute and more.

013Also… Saturday October 3rd meet The Brian Kendrick from 2pm-4pm at Alamo City Comics 15681 San Pedro


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