Texas Title Match December 3rd

img_1291The TWE Texas Championship originated in the Shawn Michaels Texas Wrestling Alliance promotion in 2000. Some of the biggest names in not only Texas, but the entire wrestling industry have held that title of Texas Champion.
The first holder of the title was Venon, who after a lengthy reign finally lost it in 2001 against former ECW star Justin Credible.
Credible was unable to meet the TWA schedule due to prior commitments and relinquished the title.
A tournament was held with WWE star Sho Funaki coming out as the new champion.
The title changed hands between Funaki and Shooter Shultz. Shultz was then signed to a developmental deal with WWE and departed from the area.
Funaki lost the belt in a fluke loss to Charles Poindexter Alexander.
He quickly regained it.
In what was originally scheduled as an NWA World title match vs Texas Champion Mike Foxx, World Champion AJ Styles still agreed to take the match after the local NWA promoter filed a protest since TWE was not part of the NWA.
Styles defeated Mike Foxx and held the title for 3 months before losing it back to Foxx.
Foxx faced opponents Hotstuff Hernandez, and Kazushi in a series of matches losing and regaining the title several times with each man.IMG_0042.PNG
Another Champion of note was American Dragon Bryan Danielson who had one title defense against The fallen Angel Chris Daniels.
Further down the road Cowboy James Clayton and Byron Wilcott battled all over Texas for the right to be called ‘Texas Champion’.

In 2013 the Championship belt was stolen from Wilcotts vehicle.
Over the last 5 months Ring of Honor star Keith Lee, Moonshine Mantell, Terrale Tempo and Rudy Russo have been positioning themselves thru a series of matches as to who would face each other for the new Texas Championship.
On December 3rd it comes down to the top two.



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