Marval vs London

img_1293In early 2002 a group of Texas Wrestling Academy talent ventured to Philadelphia, Pa to take part in a new promotion called Ring of Honor. There were no promises, no guarantees made to anyone, just an offer of an opportunity of maybe possibly getting a chance to break into the very stacked and talented roster.
One opportunity that was offered was a match pitting a young Paul London vs a young Chris Marval. Both very talented and hungry individuals from Texas who spent their early years jumping from promotion to promotion before finally landing at the Texas Wrestling Academy.
Now they were at the biggest stage at that point in their career.
This match lasted less than 2 1/2 minutes as Chris Marval suffered a horrific injury, dislocating and breaking his ankle forcing the match to be stopped.
The stipulation of this match was, the winner would be offered a RoH contract.
Paul London has went on to not only star in RoH but was signed to TNA, WWE, and currently Lucha Underground. He’s held numerous singles and tag team titles thru out his career.
December 3rd Paul London vs Chris Marval will mark the first time both will face each other since that fateful day in early 2002.
A rematch, 14yrs in the making


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