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From the WWN…February 1st 2017: We are very happy to announce that the Texas Wrestling Academy is now a wrestling school officially endorsed by WWN. We welcome TWA into The WWN Family.

The Texas Wrestling Academy is owned and operated by 34yr veteran Rudy Boy Gonzalez, former head trainer of the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy. Gonzalez was instrumental in the development of WWE stars Paul London, Brian Kendrick, and Lance Cade, as well as who many consider the very best in the business The American Dragon Bryan Danielson. In fact along with Shooter Schultz, Kendrick, Cade, and Danielson were signed to WWE Developmental contracts almost immediatly after wrestling school. But it didnt stop there. Michael Shane, Ruben Cruz, Oz, and Kris Kruegar also trainees of Gonzalez, were also becoming part of ECW before its closing. Michael Shane would later become X-Division Champion in TNA. Simply Luscious starred in RoH and around the East Coast as well as Mexico, as well as Masada who also has made a successful run in Combat Zone Wrestling. Vicki also had a brief run in Mexico as well.

The Texas Wrestling Academy / Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy would make an impact on the Northeast as Gonzalez took his crew of stars to Ring of Honor. Also making appearances in RoH were Hotsuff Hernandez,Don Juan, Chris Marval, Fast Eddie and Masada. Hernandez is now a part of TNA and Masada is wrestling in All Japan. Recent graduate Brett Thunder is now appearing in promotions through out the Florida area and has also appeared on WWE’s ECW. Other TWA graduates that have been called on by WWE include Hector Navarro and David Leetch on several occasions as well as Jacob Kilgore, Brett Badery who appeared on ECW vs Jack Swagger.

The TWA is also used as a polishing school by those that are already in the wrestling buisness. Most notably Becky Bayless, Former Texas Ladies Champion, and Japanese Star Milano Collection AT, who began his training with the legendary Ultimo Dragon at the legendary Dragon Gate And TNA’s Hernandez.  

What sets the TWA apart from other wrestling schools is the opportunities that are created once the trainees become part of the ‘wrestling world’. Once formal training is complete, you will be placed on the Texas Wrestling Entertainment active roster to be polished. The TWE is the Academys sister company. Many Wrestling schools ‘train’, but do not follow up on the individual. The TWA follows up and more. TWE presents live events entitled ‘Texas Impact’ which features the new faces of the business as well as some of the rising stars in the Texas area. These events are another part of training as it is here individuals are able to find their way around the ring and the fans. This is very critical. Microphone and ‘promo’ skills are also taught.

Currently the TWA has a working relationship with Evolve and the WWN.


The TWA also assists in weight training, nutrition, booking, contracts, contacts and anything else that will further the careers of the talent. No stone is left uncovered. This is why it is said the TWA is THE most complete pro wrestling school today.

Sessions are designed progressively as the fundamentals are the focus and as time and confidence is built, the more complex moves will be covered. Everyone is trained at their own pace. Each session is attended by Gonzalez and has a hands on philosophy.

The TWA asks for a commitment like no other. It is in no way interested in training individuals for the ‘Independents’. If your level of expectation is only to that point, the TWA isn’t for you. Pro Wrestling is a job, as is Pro Football, or being a Doctor or Lawyer. It demands a full commitment to be successful.

The Texas Wrestling Academy has been called one of the top Pro Wrestling Schools in the world by wrestling legend and 8 time NWA World heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race.

The Texas Wrestling Academy is one of the most complete and informative wrestling schools in Pro Wrestling, covering the fundamentals, High Flying, Strong Style, Lucha Libre and everything in between. You will learn the importance of respect and proper etiquette. The do’s and dont’s of the lockeoom and more.

The TWA is ready for you, are you ready for it.

“If someone were interested in becoming a Professional Wrestler, the one piece of advice I would give them is that they owe it to themselves to go out there, and get the best training possible. The Texas Wrestling Academy would be without a doubt, the first place I would recommend. Rudy Gonzalez is the most dedicated trainer I have ever met, and will most definitely help bring out the best in anybody. His track record clearly proves that. I am proud to call Rudy my ‘Coach'”
-‘Spanky’ Brian Kendrick, former student, recent WWE signee, and former Developmental Talent (www.spankyandfriends.com)

“I’m glad I went to the TWA first. Most grads from other schools end up retraining with Rudy Gonzalez to learn Professional Wrestling the right way”
-‘Mako’ Jason Guckian, recent graduate of TWA

“The Texas Wrestling Academy has produced one quality talent after another. In fact, you could have a really good promotion with just the talent from the TWA. The men and women not only have what it takes in the ring, but the proper etiquette and attitude in the locker room. You will learn things the right way, and Head Trainer Rudy Boy Gonzalez cares about his students, and makes sure they have a good start in this business with his numerous connections. If you are really serious about being a wrestler, you will go to the TWA”.
-Gabe Sapolsky, Ring of Honor Promoter (www.rohwrestling.com)

“The Texas Wrestling Academy is the ONLY place in the Southwest region of the US that can provide no nonsense complete thorough training in helping students as well as current wrestlers fulfill their fullest wrestling potential. The Texas Wrestling Academy is ready for you, are you ready for it”.
-Shawn Hernandez, former NWA-SW Texas Champion and NWA-National Champion multi time TNA World Tag Team Champion, currently seen on Lucha Underground

“Spanky and American Dragon are two of the best wrestlers to come into the game in years, and Paul London looks to be following in their footsteps. You can see when so many guys like that come from the same school, it can’t be coincidence”.
-Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer (www.wrestlingobserver.com)

“Rudy Boy Gonzalez and the Texas Wrestling Academy have produced several high quality talents. It’s one of the places I’ve recommended without hesitation to those who have asked about professional wrestling training.”
-Jess McGrath, 1Wrestling (www.1wrestling.com)

Its no surprise that Danielson was a class act and I’d like to commend u guys at TWA for training such good wrestlers. Its a pleasure anytime to wrestle any of your guys.
god bless
– 12/20/07 Kevin Douglas, (Texas Indy Wrestler) after a match with American Dragon Bryan Danielson

The Texas Wrestling Academy is the top school in Texas and one best out there going today i recommend anyone getting into wrestling or looking to learn and improve to attend.
– Matt Classic, AIWF Promoter

The following are a list of names that have been trained by TWA trainer Rudy Boy Gonzalez. Some names have moved on to bigger and better things, some names may be familiar, some may not. All worked and gave their dedication to learn this trade.
•SMWA= Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy TWA= Texas Wrestling Academy
Bone Crusher (SMWA)
Brian Kendrick aka Spanky (SMWA) WWE Developmental

 ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson(SMWA) WWE Developmental, former ROH World Heavyweight Champion, current WWE World Champion
Chris Kruegar (SMWA) Appeared in WCW Worldwide Taping
Chris Marvel (TWA)
Todd Sexton (SMWA) NWA-Anarchy
Dash Riproc (SMWA)
Don Juan (TWA) Ring of Honor
Eddie Atlas (SMWA/TWA) Former WWE Developmental
Fast Eddie Vegas (TWA) Ring of Honor
Gabe Roach (TWA) Appeared in 1 RoH taping)
Garrison/Lance Cade (SMWA) WWE
Icarus (TWA) Chikara Pro
Ikaika Loa (SMWA)
J.D. Stryker (SMWA)
Jeromy Sage (SMWA) worked WCW WorldWide TV tapings
Jayden Draigo (SMWA)
John Hope (SMWA/TWA) Appeared in 1 RoH taping
Larry Lava (SMWA) Appeared in WCW WorldWide TV tapings
Masada (TWA) NWA Wildside, Big Japan
Martin Styles (SMWA/TWA)
Matt Bentley (SMWA) NWA-TNA, formerly Michael Shane
Oz (SMWA/TWA) Appeared in 1 RoH taping
Paul London (TWA) WWE
Ruben Cruz (SMWA)
Ruckus (SMWA) appears in UPW
Shawn ‘Hotstuff’ Hernandez (TWA) Currently with TNA
Shooter Shultz (SMWA) Retired
‘Simply Luscious’ (SMWA/ TWA) Appeared in WCW Worldwide, RoH, AAA, Japan
Tony Stradlin (SMWA) Former WWE Developmental
Vicki (TWA)
Cowboy James Claxton (TWA) Appeared in WWE King of the Ring, Estrellas de Lucha Libre
Hector Navarro (TWA) Appeared on WWE RAW 3 times, NWA-Anarchy
Brett Thunder (TWA) Appeared on WWE RAW 3 times, NWA-Anarchy
‘Skitzo’ David Leach (TWA) Appeared on WWE 3 times, NWA-Anarchy
Milano Collection AT (TWA) Dragon Gate, Torymon, Chikara, RoH, Full Impact Pro, Pro Wrestling
Dynamite Danny G (Lucha Libre USA)
Jacob Kilgore
Galan Ramirez
Moonshine Mantel
Brandon Riot
Alex Reigns
Terral Tempo

The TEXAS WRESTLING ACADEMY runs a new session the first monday of each month. Formal training lasts 12 weeks. You will be asked to make a 1 year commitment, during which in this time you will be trained on specific match situations. TRY-OUTS are held the first week of every month (Mon-Fri), during normal training hours. Those that wish to attend a session upon completion of a ‘try-out’, will have the try-out fees go towards their actual training fees. Fees are affordable and payment plans are available to those that qualify.

Schedule of Fees-:Try-Outs: $500 (does not includes lodging)
a. Schedule Same days as regular training schedule for 1week (Mon-Fri), 3hrs a day
b. Curriculum Cardio and endurance, training will not differ from normal training
c. If you decide to continue training, this fee will go towards your total amount due
Schedule 5-7 days a week/12 weeks (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs.  Sat, Sun. optional) 3-4 hours a day.
1. Physical Fitness training and conditioning to include specific instruction on proper weight training techniques and procedures. Intense cardio training will be held at the beginning of each session.
2. Nutrition/Diet guidance will be offered to those needing assistance.
3. Professional Wrestling insight to include the history of the business as it is today, it’s history and future, including the psychology of Professional Wrestling.
4. Wrestling moves and Holds to include basic wrestling skills, pinning combinations, and advance wrestling skills.
5. In-ring and outside ring work, to include ring entry, presence, proper use of ropes, Corner posts, involving fans in ring action, critique of trainees work, Personal Mic skills.
6. Video. .. certain days of training will be video taped and will be used as a learning tool. Also, to those that qualify, live events will be taped as well and reviewed at a later date for critique purposes.

Career Guidance-
1. Professional wrestling career guidance, to include contracts, bookings, personas, style, etiquette. Upon entering any of the TWA programs, excluding try-out program, each individual will be given the option of joining GOLD’S GYM in San Antonio. GOLD’S GYM has several convenient locations around San Antonio, and is the only San Antonio area gym that the TWA highly recommends for weight training. Some locations also possess swimming pools.1 location is open 24 hours a day. For more information on membership at Gold’s please call 210-739.9900.
MANAGERS/REFEREE/VALETS $1000. a. Schedule 4 days a week/12 weeks (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur) 3 hours a day b. Curriculum Strength training and conditioning In-ring and outside ring work Mic skills c. Career Guidance-Professional wrestling career guidance Contracts bookings
Effective September 1st 2015, the Texas Wrestling Academy will no longer be accepting payments.

All fees must be paid in full prior to your start date.

Note- At the time of signing into TWA, you are asked to sign an ‘Enrollment Agreement’, this is nothing more than assurance that you are making a commitment to TWA , and you will pay the fees as noted. Remember, you are making a commitment. THIS DOES NOT IN ANYWAY  ASKING FOR ANY FINANCIAL COMPENSATION IN THE EVENT OF YOU SIGNING A CONTRACT WITH A MAJOR WRESTLING PROMOTION (WWE, TNA, JAPAN, etc, etc, etc). That is your money, you earned it

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  12. Total fees are $3000

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  33. Tyler

    I work a very wishy washy schedule where some days i get out at 5:15pm, some nights I’ll get out as late as 12am. I’d love to know the scheduling of training.

    November 24, 2017 at 11:02 PM

  34. Robert Hilliard

    Would people be able to work outside training sessions? To be able to pay for bills while away from home?

    December 9, 2017 at 5:36 PM

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